J.T. Eaton Bedbug II Spray (water based contact spray)


J.T. Eaton Bedbug II Spray (water based contact spray)

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J.T. Eaton Bedbug II Spray is a water based contact spray offering an excellent knockdown when used in conjunction with its sister spray "JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs."

Manufacturer ID: 207-W
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Key Features:
  • Water base 0.03% Deltamethrin quickly knocks down a bed bug population
  • Specifically geared for use on the re-emerging pest problem of bedbugs (Cimex lectularius ) in commercial and residential accounts
  • Can be used for a variety of bedbug harborage areas, including wall joints, baseboards, behind and underneath furniture,, etc.
  • Kills Bedbugs, Feas, Ticks, Spiders and insects listed on the label
  • Available in Quart Spray Bottle 1-Gallon Bottle (with sprayer)

Customer Reviews

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Rating Bed bugs Yuck
I just moved to a new apartment complex only to find out that the building has bed bugs. Yuck! I tried the jt eatons red labeled spray that is oil based. *wow works great* The blue water based spray worked just as great!! Both sprays did as labeled and killed on contact then kept the bugs away.
Reviewed by:  from Texas. - 7/8/2013
Rating mrputtz got rid of bedbugs
this blue jt eaton got rid of my bedbugs fast plus it doesn't have that strong bug spray smell
Reviewed by:  from reno. - 6/30/2011
Rating Works and this Company is fast, fast
I have purchased this product twice from this company. The price with free shipping cannot be beat. Fast. Why twice? To keep things under control! I am down to inspecting once a month and retreating with this product at the smallest sign the bugs are back. Nice thing is this kills spiders and fleas, too. So it's a good household treatment. Sprayer came with the 1gallon size -GREAT. I didn't expect that. (Due to stigma associated-I have withheld my real name.
Reviewed by:  from Cincinnati OH. - 1/21/2011
Rating Water Based
We liked the fact that it's water based and had no smell. This was included in the kit and worked well with the other products.
Reviewed by:  from MARSHALLTOWN, IA. - 4/19/2010
Rating maintainance
Kills Bedbugs II works fine, but I've had to spray every room and the hallway in the custodial home where I work at least every other day to keep the bugs down. Not sure how residual it actually is, but it does kill the bugs. We see them at times and most look like they're in bad shape, barely moving. Will continue to use it until somebody comes up with something better.
Reviewed by:  from Mobile, AL. - 1/25/2010
Rating Sprays and kills
didn't notice any smell and didn't see anything after the spray. Good product.
Reviewed by:  from MI. - 12/16/2012
Rating It's epically amazing!
I definitely recommend this product. I used the residual and the dust. Not only am I bite free after 2 weeks, but this stuff also defeated the mass army of spiders (20 of them .____.)that set up shop in my mother's basement.
Reviewed by:  from Omaha, NE. - 3/11/2012
Rating Bam
Works! Isn't that all that matters?
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. - 3/4/2012
Rating This Product is Awesome
This product is amazing! It has hardly no odor, and with continuing use -you will notice the bites becoming less and less, and then NO MORE!!
Reviewed by:  from North Haven, CT. - 9/2/2011
Rating Works
Reviewed by:  from New York. - 3/28/2011
Rating No More Bites
Reviewed by:  from Wilmington, NC. - 11/15/2010
Rating Home Owner
I have used this product in the past. It seems to work very good. I use it as directed and it keeps the bugs away. The price with free shipping can't be beat. Thanks Again.. T.Grant, Dayton, Ohio...
Reviewed by:  from Dayton, Ohio. - 2/10/2010
Rating Bedbug spray
Found the gallon size spray online and is cheaper than buying the small spray bottles.. Free shipping and arrived very quickly. I use it more often than recomended just to be safe. My Dogs don't seem to be bothered by it. Would recomend to anyone who has bedbug problems.
Reviewed by:  from usa. - 6/9/2014
Rating Wow
I had a professional come out to my house to see if i had bedbugs. The guy said that we did but it wasnt bad at all. He wanted me to pay $600 for them to come do my house and i said no way. I found this website and read the reviews so i bought a bottle. I used the first one and it really worked. I will be keeping a bottle of this on hand all the time. I will be using this at least once a month!!
Reviewed by:  from PA. - 4/9/2014
Rating bed bugs
This product works great!!!! Been bed bug free for months now..
Reviewed by:  from NYC. - 3/25/2014