J.T. Eaton Kills Bedbugs and Crawling Insects Powder (Diatomaceous Earth - residual powder)

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J.T. Eaton Kills Bedbugs and Crawling Insects Powder (Diatomaceous Earth - residual powder)

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JT Eaton Natural Bed Bug Powder kills bed bug by attaching itself to the outer shell of the bed bug where it dehydrates and kills the bed bug. What's great about the powder is there are no resistant strains of bed bugs to this treatment and it's all natural. Another great feature is unlike other powders it will continue to kill indefinitely unless it become wet.

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10 Pound Pail ($0.37/ounce)
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Key Features:
  • Diatomaceous Earth Product
  • All Natural - Bedbugs and Other insects Never Become Resistant
  • Available In 7 oz. Puffer Bottle, 4 lb. Pail and 10 lb. Pail
  • Kills Indefinitely As Long As It Remains Dry
  • Used In Places Sprays Cannot Be Used Including Behind Refrigerators and Stoves, Inside Electrical Outlets (not where you put the plug) and Behind Picture Frames
  • Can Be Put Inside the Walls To Help Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading
  • Only One Application Is Necessary During a Treatment As Long as the Powder Remains Dry

Customer Reviews

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Rating This stuff actually really work!!
I had to move from my house because of the bed bug problem. I then moved my stuff in storage 9 month later thinking the dam bug was dead I moves the old bed bug stuff to the new apt was my mistake.I found that out the hard way when I woke up in my new apt inching like crazy and I knew what it was there back :( !!Think god for this product because I rather sleep in my car then go another sleepless night inching like crazy.
Reviewed by:  from florida. - 9/1/2013
Rating This stuff really works!
We tried almost everything to get rid of bed bugs. This one finally worked, we used this powder with the spray under the mattresses, beds, other furniture and corners of our apartment, now we are free of bed bugs. yay!
Reviewed by:  from omaha. - 8/12/2011
Rating Good Value
Goes a long way, you only need a little bit to treat several rooms. Worked well with the other products
Reviewed by:  from VA. - 10/28/2012
Rating Very Effective and Easy to Use
The powder is very effective in treating bed buy infected areas and is easy to use. It is a must for any bed bug fighting tool kit.
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles Area. - 5/11/2010
Rating Bed Bug Powder
We used the powder in the walls, faceplates and places where we though bed bugs might be hiding. We put the powder down 3 days after the sprays as instructed and worked. We are now bed bug free. I would suggest following the steps carefully.
Reviewed by:  from MARSHALLTOWN, IA. - 12/14/2009
Rating good price
we used this with the other products and it did the trick
Reviewed by:  from MD. - 1/9/2013
Rating duplex dweller
used this product in conjunction with washing and encasing and getting rid of stuffed animals and mattresses and I've been free of the bug problems for several months. Highly recommend to any one with problem.
Reviewed by:  from Tampa FL. - 3/20/2012
Rating Home owner
I us the power and for the most part it worked good. When you have these bugs there is no quick fix. I work for two months trying to get rid of the bugs. What I have to do was finely move everything out of the room. Inspect everything. You will not beleive were I found the bugs. After everything is out dust everywhere. BE 100% SURE THERE IS NO BUGS IN THE ITEMS YOU BRING BACK INTO THE ROOM OR YOU JUST WASTED YOUR TIME!
Reviewed by:  from Lawrenceburg IN. - 11/15/2011
Rating renter
i had a bb problem for some reason it remained only,on my couch..tried many other products on the market bought my own steamer heard about this product hopefully it works like everyone says..i will be really happy
Reviewed by:  from pennsylvania. - 1/6/2014
Rating Student/Homemaker
I highly recommend JT Eaton for getting rid of bedbugs...effective and inexpensive!!!!
Reviewed by:  from St. Louis. - 11/6/2013
Rating None
I used your product and have not had an issue with bed bugs since. I plan on buying more of your product just in case they find their way back. Thanks you for providing a wonderful product!!!
Reviewed by:  from Tennessee. - 1/10/2014
Rating bedbugs
It works great! You can almost see them dying when they get into this powder. We have gotten rid of almost of our bedbugs. Just keeping up a maintenance routine now. Thanks for your great product!!!
Reviewed by:  from IN . - 1/17/2014
Rating Bedbugs
We love this product as a safety net and peace of mind.
Reviewed by:  from Montana . - 1/13/2014
Rating diatomaceous earth
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME PRODUCT!! When I found out we had bedbugs I was floored, I was disgusted and I had NO CLUE how to get rid of the little devils for good...I purchased the J.T. Eaton Diatomaceous Earth because it's all natural and there are no chemical pesticides to hurt me or my fur babies. Within a week of dusting this stuff around, and my problems are SOLVED! I will be purchasing more, just in case I need it in the future...I wouldn't wish bed bugs on my WORST enemy!!
Reviewed by:  from NY. - 1/27/2014
This worked great - bed bugs are gone!
Reviewed by:  from . - 1/27/2014