Where are the bugs?


My wife and I have bites. During the past 2 years we have had 3 episodes of bites. We have not seen any conclusive evidence of bed bugs, other than the bites. We have treated with BB Supply products and have stopped the bites only to have them return months later. We have the steamer and all the sprays and have ordered and are waiting for the Bug Heater to arrive. We treat all furniture, beds, cracks and use preventive covers, bed cups etc.
I have become reasonably analytical in my quest. I use optics to study the dead bugs but have yet to see a Bed Bug. We continue only because our treatments have stopped the bites… if only to return.
Has anyone else had similar experience??


Hello. It’s good to hear that you’ve purchased some of the products needed for a treatment - however, you’re not quite 100% there yet. Arguably the most important detail in our treatment solution is that your bed is protected with encasements and interceptors.

Steps 1 and 2 of our 4-step solution focus on treating and protecting the bed, making it bite-proof so that bed bugs can’t feed on you and continue to reproduce. Super important to ensure that you completely eliminate an infestation and keep them from coming back.


My beds are protected with encasements. I have some interceptors. I’m waiting for BBS to send more. The intercepters that I am using have never trapped a bed bug. However I intend to cover all the bases. My big concern is: We have never seen a bed bug. Is this possible? Can a conscientious person while treating 3 episodes of bites during a 2 year period never see a bedbug?


It’s quite common for people with bed bug infestations to never see a live bed bugs. Bed bugs are good at hiding and don’t want to be seen due to their inability to move quickly or defend themselves from predators.


Someone I know had the bugs hiding (nesting) in their picture frames above the bed. Headboards also are a place they might be. Also, woodwork near the bed. They can get on your mattress if it touches the wall and they can come out of the wall from the electrical holes.