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Bed Bug Heaters

Our bed bug heaters allow you to treat items that may be infested or exposed to bed bug including handbags, shoes, books, papers, suitcases, clothing, etc. By using constant heat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 6-8 hours (depending on what you put inside), you can easily kill all stages of bed bugs. This is especially helpful for those who travel and would like to treat their suitcases upon arrival home, those treating an infestation, or for those looking for a great prevention tool to treat almost any item. Best of all they are reusable! A great place to start is our heater comparison, which compares each bed bug heater side by side.

Products (Total Items: 6)
ThermalStrike Ranger Portable Bed Bug Heater
Our Price: $249.95
On sale: $179.95
ZappBug Heater Portable Bed Bug Heater
Our Price: $219.95
On sale: $199.95
ZappBug Oven 2 Bed Bug Heater (Dual Heaters)
Our Price: $495.95
On sale: $349.95
New Larger PackTite Closet Bed Bug Killing Heater
Our Price: $699.00
On sale: $669.00
ZappBug Room Bed Bug Heater
Our Price: $1,495.00
ThermaSpot Temperature Sensor
Our Price: $15.99
Bed Bug Heater Buying Tips:

Capacity: Your space needs should come first when looking at bed bug heaters. A smaller heater might be great for portability and value, but may not fit everything you want to treat; it can also take a lot longer to treat everything with a lower-capacity heater. At the bare minimum, make sure the heater you're purchasing has enough space for your suitcases.

Temperature: In order for a heat treatment to effectively kill bed bugs of all life stages, its internals need to reach a minimum temperature of 120 degrees. To shorten your treatment time, look for a heater with a higher max temperature; we carry models capable of up to 150 degrees. While it's not necessary to heat the contents up that high, it does mean that the heat-up time can be shortened.

Construction: If you're only going to be using this heater once, construction quality won't matter too much to you. However, it would be good practice to routinely heat-treat your luggage after traveling, to prevent future infestations. In this case, consider spending a bit more for a more solidly-built heater. The ThermalStrike Commuter is a great heater at a great price, but a ZappBug is a bit more rigid and durable in build.

Bed Bug Heater Comparison Table

Choosing The Right Heater is Easy With Our Comparison Chart

  • Usable Space (in.)
  • Internal Volume (cubic ft.)
  • Price per Cubic Foot
  • Max Temp. (Fahrenheit)
  • Voltage
  • Insulated
  • Timer Included
  • Temp. Probe Included
  • Number of Heaters

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