All New PRO5 Stainless Steel Light/Heavy Duty Dry Vapor Steamer (65 PSI)


All New PRO5 Stainless Steel Light/Heavy Duty Dry Vapor Steamer (65 PSI)

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For light/heavy applications of steam our stainless steel steamer is a great value offering a digital screen and high end tip temperature for large bed bug jobs.
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Key Features:
  • 1700W heating element
  • Made in Italy
  • Digital gauge displays pressure and temperature
  • Heats up in 9 minutes
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PRO5 Stainless Steel Light/Heavy Duty Steamer (65 PSI)

For those looking for a high quality stainless steel casing a boiler with a high tip temperature the Light/Heavy duty steamer is the answer. It's unique digital screen allows the user to see the temperature and the pressure of the steam ensuring lethal levels are achieved during bed bug treatments. The Italian made Light/Heavy Duty Steamer is designed steaming 10-20 hours per week and offers a lifetime warranty on the boiler and heating element making it a great buy for professionals. The 65 psi output is one of the highest in the market and it's portable rugged stainless steel metal casing is relatively lightweight at just 15 lbs. empty and 19 lbs. full of water. Adjusting the pressure for different surfaces including mattresses, sofas, chairs and baseboards is easy with the adjustable pressure knob for better control. Another feature to consider is the tip temperature between 240º - 270º F making bed bug treatments extremely effective. Remember bed bugs can be killed on contact at 180º+ F.

Product Information

Why Use Steam For Bed Bugs?

Beds bugs are highly susceptible to heat, which is why a dry vapor steam treatment can be used effectively to kill bed bugs. Some bed bugs are resistant to chemicals, but none can withstand 240+ degree heat killing both bed bugs and their eggs. The PRO5 Steamer is a high quality commercial grade dry vapor steamer that zaps bed bugs and their eggs dead on contact. As with the Vapamore MR-100, E3 and E5, the PRO5 is unique in that it can be used in conjunction with several other of our products as a completely non-chemical bed bug treatment


• Stainless Steel Exterior/ Cylindrical Stainless Steel Boiler AISI 304 18/10 Tungsten (TIG) welded boiler - No cold spots - efficient steam production
• 1700W heating element
• Replaceable Heating Element
• Digital Microprocessor adds life expectancy to components while maintaining the most precise temperature and pressure on the market.
• Digital gauge displays pressure and temperature
• 302º F boiler temperature
• 240º-270º F tip temperature
• 65 psi, 5 bar
• Adjustable 8 Foot Steam Hose
• Adjustable pressure controller for better control
• 15 foot electrical cord
• Heats up in 9 minutes
• 13-Piece made In Italy accessory kit
• ETL approved
• UL certified
• 1-2 hour operating time
• Tank capacity- 2 quarts
• Dimensions: 12"W x 11"D x 11"H
• 15 lbs. empty and 19 lbs. full
• Easily drain water from the machine with a simple drain at the bottom
• 1 year manufacturers warranty including parts & labor
• Lifetime warranty on boiler and heating element
• Made in Italy

Questions and Answers

Q: Can we get this model remanufactured?
Asked by:  - 1/25/2014
A: Unfortunately, we do not offer remanufactured or refurbished products at this time. All products that we carry are available in new and unopened condition only.
Q: what are kinds of bugs will the dry vapor steamer destroy and what are some other uses for the steamer?
Asked by:  - 8/24/2014
A: A high-pressure steamer such as the PRO5 can kill bed bugs, as well as some species of ants, fleas, roaches, and termites. Steamers are also great for cleaning tiles, carpet, mattresses, upholstered furniture, barbecue grills, and more.

Customer Reviews

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Rating Quality
Very well made and easy to use. It came packaged well and each part well illustrated the italian design and quality.
Reviewed by:  from Chicago. - 12/10/2012
Rating Vapor Steamer
I am really pleased with how fast I received my steamer . I received my steamer well within the time that they stated. The PRO5 Steamer has surpassed all my expectations on it's performance. I have 3 recovery homes for addictions here in Las Vegas and even with having new client wash all their belongings those pesky little bugs still find there way into the house.
Reviewed by:  from Las Vegas, NV. - 3/24/2015
Rating PRO5 Steamer
Great little machine! Well made and works good, great steamer for the money.
Reviewed by:  from Fort Worth, Texas. - 12/26/2014
Rating pro 5 streamler
The pro 5 heated up to 290 - 300 degrees and 165 psi very quickly. The only problem I had with it was that it would not hold 165 psi for overy long. It dropped to 140 - 145 rapidly and held there for a while.
Reviewed by:  from Marshalltown, ,Iowa. - 3/15/2014